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Little League Guidelines

All Little League teams are required to comply with Little League pitching guidelines, which can be found here:  Little League sets a maximum number of pitches per day as well as a required rest (off days) in between outings based on number of pitches thrown.  

Maximum Number of Pitches/Day
During the regular season, DCLL has adopted the policy of decreasing each maximum pitches/day limit by 10, meaning that:
League age 6-8:  40 (instead of 50)
League age 9-10: 65 (instead of 75)
League age 11-12: 75 (instead of 85) 
League age 13-16: 85 (instead of 95)

With limited early season practices and not knowing the condition of each player's arm coming into a season, the purpose of this change is to prevent arm fatigue.  The DCLL-imposed limits are eliminated for both internal playoffs and summer tournament play.

Days Rest:
In addition to a maximum pitches/day limit, LL also has a prescribed 'days rest' schedule for pitchers.  The following applies to all players age 13 and under:

1-20 pitches: 0 days rest (pitcher may pitch the next day)
21-35 pitches: 1 day rest (a pitcher who pitches Monday would not be eligible until Wednesday)
36-50 pitches: 2 days rest (a pitcher who pitches Monday would not be eligible until Thursday)
51-65 pitches: 3 days rest (a pitcher who pitches Monday would not be eligible until Friday) 
66+ pitches: 4 days rest (a pitcher who pitches Monday would not be eligible until Saturday)

Note that a pitcher may finish an at bat and still fall under the previous days' rest threshold.  For example, a pitcher has thrown 34 pitches and starts a batter on pitch 35.  Regardless of how many pitches are thrown in that at bat, the pitcher would fall under the "21-35" range and only need 1 calendar day of rest.  If the pitcher starts an at bat on pitch 36, even if it's a one pitch at bat, they would then need 2 days of rest (falling in the 36-50 range).  

Consecutive Days
A pitcher may not pitch on three consecutive calendar days, regardless of pitch count.  This is normally only a concern come playoffs.  

Catching Restrictions
Any player who has caught 4 or more innings in a game is not eligible to pitch.  Any pitcher who has thrown 41 or more pitches in a game is not eligible to catch.  

Other Divisions

In non-Little League divisions, we are not required to follow the same LL pitching rules - maximum pitches/day and days rest.  Most other leagues have an inning limit instead of a pitch count restriction as their official policy.

That said, DCLL's general policy is that all non-LL teams should follow the MLB Pitch Smart Guidelines, which are similar to the LL requirements.  

As coaches, we need to remember that health and safety of our players is our number one priority.  Winning a 10U or 12U game is not.  

Coaches who are found to have mis-used or over-used pitchers are subject to league discipline and potentially removal of duties.  

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